Special Events


1.    Reunion  August 12 - 13th, 2006 -- 1906 - 2006



the wonderful and very capable food committee consists of Judy Schipper. Elfie Alexander, Mariana Grinblat-Bingham, and Gail Alexander, under the wonderful leadership of Judy Alexander the famous hostess from Burk's Falls all the way to Chile, South America. Of course the supporting voice of Cindy Elson who could not be at the cottage this summer, but hopefully will return soon. They will be preparing Saturday lunch, Sunday brunch and of course there is the Saturday evening dinner.


see you then!!

mariana grinblat-bingham.


Food:    Judy Schipper

              Elfie Alexander

              Mariana Bingham

              Gail Alexander

Transportation:    Mark Alexander at 387-4692.

                                       Bob Madell at 387-3887.



Friday August 11th--Settle into accommodations.

                                 Contact family members.

                                 Arrange transportation for Saturday morning.

Saturday August 12th--Morning--Registration at family gathering at

                                                                       Bingham's Bay.



                                                                     Family history presentations.

                                                 6:00 pm--    Buffet dinner at The Magnetawan Inn.

                                                                      Approx.$20.00 each.

                                             After Supper--Dancing with live entertainment at

                                                                      The Lions Club Pavilion in Magnetawan.


Sunday August 13th--Morning at11:00am--Brunch at Bingham's Bay.

                                                                                           Closing ceremonies.



2.   Attendees at The August 2006 Reunion:


A.    Will's Family:

                             Fulton,  Betty

                             Schipper,  Judy-Clyde

                                      Williams,  Marjorie-Todd

                                       Freeman,  Erin-Veronica

                                       Braren,  Kay-Bob Mattei   


B.    Flora's Family:

                             MacDonald,  Judy-Mac, John-Val-William

                                       Fraser,  Lee, Jill, Eric

                                       Regis,  Janet-Henry, Michael, Quinn

                                       Merrill,  Sue, Dan-Melissa-Christine

                                       Gibbons,  Mary-Jack, Claire, Nadia

                                       Lovett,  Ann

                                       Pearson,  Andrew, Heather, Emma, Tammy

                                       Rea,  Pat, John, Alex, Christopher, Julie


C.    Bert's Family:

                             Alexander,  Ruth

                                     Alexander,  Bruce-Andrea

                                     Alexander,  Dave-Judy, Matt-Alesia, Sophie,  Mark, Pamela

                                     Alexander,  John-Elfie

                                     Alexander,  Rick

                                     Madell,  Gail, Bob, Dan-Carla


D.    Albert's Family:

                                Bingham,  George, Bill, Ted, Steve

                                           Bingham,  Paul, Doug


E.    Ernie's Family:

                              Bingham,  Jamie-Mariana,  Ted-Sarah, Valerie-Andrew

                                        Bingham,  Ruth

                                        Bingham,  Barb,  Mcdonald,  Jeff, Vicki, Armstrong,  Heather

                                        Campbell,  Mona


3.            Lake Cecebe Regatta August 5th and 6th, 2006                                                                                           

Just a reminder that our very exciting annual regatta is this coming weekend - August 5th and 6th.  Sure hope everyone in the family is ready is ready for 2 days of fun.  Amidst the running, swimming and canoe races, the cardboard boat race and other events, don't forget to visit the Children's Corner, the Welcome Tent, the World Famous Hot Dog Stand, or to check out our latest merchandise at the merchandise booth.
The regatta details - events and categories are attached as is the waiver which can be filled out in advance and then bring it with you.  For further questions please don't hesitate to contact Chris Naftel, Regatta Chair, at ceceberegatta@hotmail.com or at 387-3946, or check out our website at www.cecebewaterways.ca - look under events, then regatta.
Hope to see you there.
Kathy Baker, Communications

Download Attachment: REGATTA 2006 poster.doc

Download Attachment: Consent,Release Waiver-Family.doc


4.   July 26, 2007                           

Announcing The John Stuart Alexander

Memorial Hockey Day  August 06, 2007


hi gang,

just wanted to let you know a John Stuart Alexander memorial hockey day has been planned for Aug. 6th/07 at Burk's Falls arena.  (Monday of the long weekend)  11am-1pm.  if you're interested, be there early.
Dave Alexander is graciously having team jersey's made up for this occasion and future J.S.A. challenge cups.  thank you Dave!
please bring skates, sticks and any gear you wish to wear.
please pass this along to the Cecebe people or close friend's of john's who I've missed on this email.  I don't have them all.  thank you.
...sticks down and heads up!....matt