Pictures 2018


January 01st




January 04th




January 05th




January 14th

The Magnetawan Ridge Runners

and James Bingham

Rerouting the 711

through 700 yards of swamp

Nigel Munn and his excavator



Left to Right standing -  Rick Schiedel - Jeff Baker

Kneeling - Doug Fraser



January 22nd

Rick leaving for a winter of skiing in B.C.



January 23rd




January 24th




February 04th




February 10th

The Beast



February 27th

On glare ice



March 05th




March 10th

Ice on Echo Rock




March 21st




April 03rd




April 04th




April 05th




April 06th




April 07th




April 09th

Rick leaving for India



April 16th




April 17th




April 19th

The Madell's




At Dave and Judy's




April 22nd




April 23rd

Looking at the Lake from Paul Fink's front porch



April 25th




April 29th




April 30th




May 04th




May 22nd

On Paul Fink's Lake

the north east side




May 23rd




May 28th

Three Sister's Dock





Tony and Kathy White's

50th Wedding Anniversary

Bruce and Andrea picking up Paul Fink



Left to Right - Paul Fink - Grant Hewlett - Tony White



Left to Right - Jane White - Françoise White - Susan Hewlett



Left to Right - Norm Cameron - a friend Carol - Harry White



Cathy and Tony White



Left to Right - Back Row - Bruce - Mike- Judy - Dave - Caroline - Brenda Naftel - Grant -

Harry, behind, Bev Cameron - a friend of Bev's - Susan

Forefront Left - Shirley Hallett - Ted White



Left to Right - Françoise - Ted - Harry - Jane - Andrew - Elizabeth

Tony and Cathy




June 02nd

Mark and Quinn Regis came up the open their cottage






June 17th

Mark Langford's barge off Gordon Island




June 29th

Mac and Judy (far)

Janet and Mick






July 04th

At Dave and Judy's




July 05th

At The Bathing Beach

Emmett Dillon



Left to Right - Gray - Mary (paddling) - Sawyer



Left to Right - In water - Sawyer - Clare - Dillon - Mary

Foreground - Gray - Taya - Audrey - Valerie



Furthest - Gray

Middle - Taya

Closest - Audrey



July 06th

Trip to Echo Rock

Left to Right - Valerie - Taya - Hudson - Bdohi - Chris - Angie (Magnum behind) - Sawyer



Roasting marsh mellows



July 10th

John and Susan



July 11th

Audrey and Judy Schipper



July 14th

Schipper's White Pine



July 19th

Visit to the Schipper's



July 20th

Visit to the Elson's

Left to Right - Valerie - Audrey - Sawyer -Taya - Christine

Cynthia (in back)



July 25th

Geoff Macdonald Arrives



July 28th

Bingham's Bay A.G.M.

Left to Right - Clyde - Bruce - Dave - Judy - Cynthia - Geoff



Harry White's


Birthday Party




July 30th

Danny Madell



Judy Alexander and Bob Madell



Andrea and Bruce



July 31st

A Beautiful Day

Bernard Junior out for a spin



Rivers Bingham





Water Entry




August 01st

The Czernik's Kids Party


Ted and Luke Czernik



Mrs. Czernik and Elizabeth (White)



Taya and Robin Rule bouncing






Bingham's Bay Swim Party

Left to Right - Valerie - Jimmy Elson (hands in the air) - Taya and Andrew - Dave Elson (arm floats)

Rob Elson (orange life jacket) - Conner - Sarah Clarke (in lake) - Rivers - Ted - Sarah Bingham






August 02nd

On Echo Rock

Mac and Judy - Susan driving



Taya - Valerie (Bingham) - Sawyer - Andrew Karpiak



David - Jimmy - Rob Elson



Rivers - Ted - Conner - Sarah Bingham





Turkey Vulture




Back in the Lake

Left to Right - Page (in pink) - Andrew and Luke Czernik - Jimmy and Dave Elson





August 04th

Schipper's Party







Left to right - David - Sawyer - Andrew - Will - Kevin



Left to Right - Nick - Ava - Laura - Taya - Valerie - Judy






Left to right (background) - Sarah - Clyde - Alex and Will (friends of Valerie and Andrew)

Foreground - Millie - Sophie



Left to Right - Lee (Macdonald) Fraser - Geoff - Pam



Sarah and Jimmy



Left to Right Jimmy - Matt -Judy - Dave



Alesia - Dan - Laura - Ava



Kevin and Pam



Mac and Will



Randy Dobson and Mac



Dave and Judy




August 05th


Women's Foot Races

Left to Right - Peggy - Susan



Left to Right - Dave Sankey - Norm Cameron





Men's Foot Race

Mike and Stacey





Kid's Shoe Toss



Women's Shoe Toss



Men's Shoe Toss

Sue Sherlock and Dave Kilmer



Left to Right - Yoko - Nick - Kigo Quinton and Jen Hewlett



Logan Naftel





Card Board Boat Race

Jim Patterson




The Patterson's






Left to Right - Kathy Baker - Joan Wyatt - Sue Kelly



Canoe Races

The Fun Race 1



Race 2

Marlee and Avery



Ladies and Men's



Men's 1

Canoe swamped, a participant jumps into another canoe, one man overboard





Men's 2


Dave Alexander






The Egg Toss

Sarah in action








August 12th

Bathing Beach

Left to Right - Dan - Ava (in blue) - Millie (in red) - Sophie laying in water - Elizabeth - Selma












Jenson Regis



Left to Right - Quinn Regis - Matt Alexander - Alesia Alexander - Mecha Regis






Chris and Elizabeth


August 14th

Bathing Beach

Left to Right - Ava - Millie - Danny - Laura



Christine and Audrey


August 23rd

Water Skiing



August 31st

Left to Right Background - Danny Merrill - Brian Merrill - Christine - Melissa Merrill

Foreground - Emily and Ben Merrill


September 03rd

Left to Right Front - Clyde - Cynthia - Judy - Dave

In the Rear - Bruce - Jamie


September 05th

John and Sue


September 06th

Andrew Pearson and Sue Merrill




September 08th






September 12th

Left to Right - Mick - Bruce - Janet


September 14th

Clyde and Judy Going Home

Clyde - Ted Hewett - Judy




September 29th

The Shadow Cabinet



September 30th



October 09th

Fall Colours



Schipper's Retaining Wall



The Trotter's



October 10th



November 10th