Pictures 2017


January 09th

The Bear in it's den



January 13th

Opening trail on the 711, after leaving South Street



January 19th

Walking to the car on the ice



January 29th




February 02nd




February 05th




February 10th




February 14th

Mark and Tara's




February 15th

Snow a third of the way up the back window






February 16th

Gordon Island on the left - River mouth centre - Watson Island on the right

(view from the Chapman Drive side of the lake)



Echo Rock



The Madell's



Looking down the river to Magnetawan



February 18th

Family Day Weekend




February 19th

Connor - Ted - Rivers



Back of Echo Rock - Little Islands one the right



Sarah and Ted



West side of Gordon Island



The Snow Fort, from Echo Rock



The Family



Back side of Echo Rock looking down the river to Magnetawan



The trip back to the cottage

Almost there



March 01st

The melted fort, built Family Day



On the sled trail, the bathing beach to the right



Looking in the direction of the well



A wash out on the trail towards the cottages



The same wash out looking the opposite direction



March 12th

The Eagles Have Landed





March 23rd

Frozen waterline



The float

In the distance Gordon Island



April 04th




April 07th




The Bay

Path to the Bathing Beach



From Wind Rose Lane, turn around



April 09th

From Wind Rose Lane, turn around






Ice damage on the 3 - Sister's lake front







April 18th




April 23rd

Ice Damage at Port Carmen




May 13th


The 3-Sister's

Geoff Macdonald



Geoff and Quinn Regis



Jamie - Geoff - Quinn



May 22nd

The Monument






June 07th

The 3 Sister's New Dock




Barge Arrival




June 08th

At Work

Mark Langford






June 08th

New Dock Arrives



Porcupine attack



June 09th

Dock is Installed





July 01st

Back Row - Ted and Sarah

Front Row - Connor and Rivers



July 02nd

Left to Right - Sarah - Bruce - Christine -Jimmy - Audrey - David - Big Rob - Little Rob






July 03rd

Judy and Mac






July 04th

Andrew - Sawyer - Taya - Valerie



July 05th

Jamie and Sawyer






July 09th

Geoff and Lee



July 10th

Dave and Owen



July 12th

Bingham's Bay A.G.M.

at Cynthia's

Left to Right - Mac - Judy - Jamie - Cynthia - Judy - Dave - Clyde



July 15th

Henry and Janet



Elizabeth - Selma - Chris - Hedvig - Inger






Christine and Audrey



July 17th

Left to Right - Lee - Mac - Judy



July 18th

At The Bathing Beach




Left to Right - Valerie - Sawyer - Audrey - Taya - Christine (behind) - Lily



Left to Right - Sawyer - Judy - Lily - Audrey - Cynthia - Taya - Valerie






The Nails The Nails









Left to Right - Cynthia - Eric - Kirstie



July 22nd













July 31st




August 01st

Dinner at Dave and Judy's




Left to Right - Pam - Kevin - Mark









Mark - Avery - Owen - Tara



August 03rd

At The Bathing Beach

Left to Right - Quinn - Mark

Destructing their old dock



Michael - green shirt, blue shorts









August 05th

Cecebe Waterways Regatta

Long Distance Canoe Race

Race start at Kathy Baker's




Schipper's Party

Pam - Valerie - Kevin



Dave Black - Sarah - Dave - Pam



Bob - Marlee - Dave - Dave Black



Dave - Bob - Ted



Kevin - Clyde



Left to Right - Sophie - Ava - Millie - Taya - Avery



Left to Right - Sawyer - Connor - Rivers



Laura - Millie - Clyde



Matt and Sophie



Judy and Clyde



Matt and Alesia



Stephanie and Mark



Andrew in forefront



Tara and Ted



Stephanie - Jamie - Mark






Left to Right - Judy - Judy - Clyde - Stephanie - Ted






Andrea - Stephanie



Left to Right - Clyde - Andrea - Dave Black - Stephanie - Bruce - Matt - Dave in hat



Dave and Millie






August 06th

Cecebe Waterways Regatta

Rotary Club Park


Left to Right - Kyle - Ashleigh Marry - Denise - Dave Sankey - Derek Ganz - Cassidy Sankey - Jennifer Quinton

In front - Gracie Quinton - Howes




Sawyer - Taya



Left to Right - Page - Sarah with Zoe - Drew with Luke Czernik



Back Row - Chris - Angie - Jody with Bdohi

Front Row - Hudson - Magnum Naftel



Sawyer - Connor - Rivers

Ted in glasses



Left to Right - Peggy - Sarah - Marlee - Brent Hewlett



Left to Right - Judy - Susan - Tara



Left to Right - Owen - Nick - Avery - Sophie



Matt (dark shirt) - Hanna (red) - Ryu Wyatt



Ladies Foot Race

Matt and Naos Wyatt



Left to Right - Nora - Martha - Wyatt Chow



Darryl - Hanna - Ryu Chow



 Left to Right - Grant - Judy - Susan



Left to Right - Kathy Baker - Judy - Mrs. Mihan - Susan - Bev Cameron



Yoko - Nick - Kigo (Blue Jay hat) Quinton



Left to Right Back Row - Yoko Nick - Beth Quinton - Jennifer Quinton - Gracie Howes

Left to Right Back Row - Kigo - Leo Hewey - Alan Hewey



Left to Right - Cynthia Hishon - Darin and Kyleigh Hoar



Left to Right - Kathy - Marg Colquhoun - Bev Cameron




Card Board Boat Race


Jeff Baker






Race 2




Race 3

Paul - Courtney Hewlett



Left to Right - Caroline Quinton - Pam and Kevin



Bill and Dale Wasma



Left to Right - Mike Quinton - Andrew Czernik



Bill - John Hoar - Tim Brunton



Left to Right - Mike and Penny Wyatt - Jayashri Wyatt



The Food Handlers



Left to Right - Andrew - Rivers - Ted



Left to Right - John Morrison - Jay Musselman - Leah Cameron 

Ken Mihan - Barb Morrison - Ian Cameron



Thomas W. Gruenig



Left to Right - Suzanne - Dave - Darek - Abigail Kilmer




Short Distance Canoe Races

Women's Doubles 7 to 11




Men's 7 to 11

Alesia - Sarah



Nick and Owen






Women's Doubles 12 to 16

Matt and Kevin



Men's Doubles 12 to 16




Women's Doubles 17 to 21

Stephanie and Kevin



Men's Doubles 17 to 21




Women's Doubles 30 to 42

Jody and Valerie - canoe #2



Men's 30 to 42 - 43 to 55

Ted and Chris






Women's and Men's Doubles 55 Plus

Susan and Kathy



Canoe Race Finals

Women's Singles


Michael and Marlee




Men's Finals


Race 1

Ted wins



Kelly Miller and Devyn Bi..?



Race 2




Men's Overall

Ted wins



Canoe Fun Run

Back - Matt

Left to right - Centre - Megan - Sarah - Peggy

Front - Michael - Marlee



Jen Hewlett



Left to Right - Francois and Ted White - Joan Wyatt



Stephanie and Mark



Left to Right - Nathon Locke - Bob Thorp - Lynn Thorp - Daisy Patterson - Reed  Patterson - Jim Patterson




Log Rolling


Left to Right - Jayashri - Luke - Stacey








Laura and Ava



Laura - Sarah - Ava



Sand Castel


Valerie - Jody - Vanessa



Judy - Judy - Tony White



August 09th

Trip up to

Echo Rock

Left to Right - Connor - Hudson - Chris and Bdohi - Magnum (at the side of Chris) - Ted - Rivers



The Rules arriving



Left to Right - Adults - Dave Rule - Ted Chris with Bdohi - Delphine with Robin

Left to Right - Kids - Connor - Rivers Magnum - Hudson - Leem - Toby



Alesia and Matt Alexander's

Pizza Party

Sarah Wyatt and Ewen Cameron and wife



Left to Right - Bob - Brett - Danny



Sarah - Laura and Millie



Sophie and Ava









Sarah and Millie






August 11th

The Lovett / Gibbon's

Left to Right - Clare - Emmett (in seat) - Mary and Gray (in arms) - Jack



Tyler at work



August 17th

Barry Dobson's

Last visit to Cecebe

Left to Right - Cynthia - Stephanie - Marylyn Dobson - Barry Dobson - Clyde



Left to Right - Clyde - Ted White - Cynthia - Barry (at Barry's dock)



August 20th

John and Sue



August 22nd

Stephanie behind the ski boat



Sunset Point


Stephanie Schipper



August 24th

Clyde leaving for home - Rick to the right



August 27th

Left to Right - Nadia - Jack - Josh - Ben - Melissa - ? - Mary 



August 31st

Rain Bow


Darryl Chow





Rick and Lester Newbee going home






September 02nd

Dan pulls the boat out






September 04th


Janet Varsava

Melissa and Joel Varsava






September 09th

Mick and Janet



The Schipper's



September 11th

Canada 150

Molson Beer Fridge






September 23rd

Shadow Cabinet Weekend

Beer Fridge Presentation



Valerie Water Skiing



Jamie gets up





Christine and Audrey






October 04th




October 05th




October 19th




October 22nd




October 31st




November 10th