Pictures 2016


January 03rd


January 04th


January 08th


January 23rd

Rick Alexander


February 02nd

  Rick Alexander and Jamie Bingham ice skating in






February 07th

Bobbie Haviland on top of ECHO ROCK


February 14th


February 18th


March 12th

Schipper's dock in Green Bay


March 15th

Snow melting


March 21st



April 05th

The bathing Beach path past The Shack


The Elson's



April 06th


April 07th


June 17th


On trailer


Off the trailer, on the Gator, on it's way to Echo Rock

Rick and Dave Alexander on the task


June 19th

The stone finally arrives at its final resting place, on Little Echo.

Dave and Rick transported the stone on the Gator through the bush, up the Hydro cut, through the bush, again, to this spot. 

The stone came from McFadyen Stone Quarry, Huntsville, Ontario and weights about 400 pounds.

The inscription was done by Terry Lovelace and team, at Graphics Unlimited, Bracebridge, Ontario.

Conception to installation, two years.



July 24th

Monument Setup

Dave - Matt Alexander - Bob Madell - Jamie Bingham

First attempt at drilling

Note electric drill size. It proved not to be powerful enough.




Hans Party on the patio

Dave - Pam - Taya - Valerie


Peggy Wyatt and Judy


Dave - Andrew - Sawyer - Bob


Sarah and Hedvig


Bob - Kevin - Chris


Matt - Nick -Selma - Elizabeth - Marlee - Cynthia (hidden) - Judy - Pam

Tara - Cynthia - Christine - Mark


Left to Right - Marlee - Nick - Avery - Selma - The tall one, Sophie - Elizabeth

And there is Owen

Left to Right - Sawyer - Audrey - Rob - Taya - Valerie - Jamie


Matt - Sarah - Cynthia - Rob - Bob


Sawyer fell off the pontoon boat, in between the dock and the boat.

 In the process he lost one of his flip flops.

A very cool dude, no panic.

Grandpa Jamie found the lost footwear, in the water.


Marsh Mellow Roast



July 25th

Second attempt with a real rock drill and bit

The rental drill cut the rock like butter


Pins are stainless threaded rod with stainless washers


After Drilling


July 26th

On Cynthia's Dock


July 27th

Hans on the way back to Denmark



Regatta Weekend

July 30th - 31st

Sunday 31st Events

Men's Shoe Toss

Andrew Madell




Card Board Boat Races




Canoe Races


Sarah and Bob in debate


First Race

Nick and Owen - Paddling Success


Second Race



Third Race


Left to right - Nora Chow, Peter Wyatt, Kyleigh Hoar (back to camera), Pam Heyller

Tara Alexander, Sam Wyatt, Brent Hewlett, Darryl Chow


Left to right - Kathy Baker, Caroline Quinton, Barbara Morrison, Harry White, Jane White


Fourth Race

Alesia Alexander and Martha Wyatt - winners


Fifth Race

Andrew and Bob prevail



Sixth Race

Kathy Baker and Logan Naftel - winners


Peter Wyatt and crew in a contest for second



Seventh Race

Mark Alexander


Eight Race

Martha wins


Ninth Race

Neil Mihan winner


Tenth Race

Mark Alexander by a hair


Runners up




Kim And Andrew


Barry Dobson, Cynthia, Marilyn Dobson






Left to right - Owen, Nick, Alesia, Kevin\, Matt, Sarah and David






Long Distance Canoe Race












Long Distance Swim



Women's Long Distance Canoe



Old Boy's Long Distance Canoe




Men's Canoe



Tricathalon 1



Tricathalon 2



Tricathalon 3



Tricathalon 4



Tricathalon 5



Long Distance Swim



Men's Shoe Toss





Young Ladies Shoe Toss



Older Ladies Shoe Toss



Card Board Boat Race 1



Card Board Boat Race 2



Log Rolling



Egg Toss



Over All Points Male Youth



Over All Points Female Youth



Over All Points Old Youth



August 08th

Bingham's Bay A.G.M.

Pam and Snoop Dog


Looking from the patio


Dave arriving


Rivers on board


The after meeting photo

Sitting L to R - Judy Macdonald, Cynthia Elson, Dave Alexander

Standing L to R - Chris Alexander, Janet Varsava, Bruce Alexander, Judy Schipper, Jamie Bingham


August 16th

Windy Day



August 27th

Pontoon Boat Birthday Party

Danny Merrill and family arriving


The Birthday Girl










September 05th

Christine - Audrey (in red) - Rob - Cynthia



Around the table left to right - Selma hanging off of Max, Annabelle in front of Chris, Alex, Elizabeth


September 13th

The Schipper's going home



September 20th

The Shadow Cabinet



October 05th

Regis' Closing

Quinn and Mark


Henry and Janet


bon voyage






October 07th



October 08th

Thanks Giving

at Judy and Dave's



October 09th

Thanks Giving - 2

at Hedvig and Chris'




October 28th



November 13th



December 15th



December 18th




December 22nd