Pictures 2015


February 21st

Mark Alexander shoveling his roof


February 25th

Shoveling The Three Sister's Roof



March 10th

Gail's dock, north side of the boat house


Hydro cut behind Gail's - looking south - hydro brushed the line


Same spot on the hydro line looking north

On the hydro line looking at Gail's out house


The out house


Down the hydro line (south) towards Dave and Judy's - note the low BELL line


Dave and Judy's sheds


The back of Dave and Judy's

Lots of fire wood



Rick's deicer on the boat house



March 14th

The turn a round at Wind Rose Lane





March 23rd



March 24th



March 26th



April 02nd

Looking across the bay to the south from the A's boat house




April 15th

Rick's deicer


Gail's deicer

Gail's deicer rope broke


The Czernick's boat house


Looking toward Port Carmen Bay from Gail's boat house


Gail's front door


Dave and Judy's



April 22nd

High water



May 07th

The Schipper's




July 02nd

Jamie - Joel - Mick


The Moon



July 04

Port Carmen Marina

Grand opening

Left to right - Tim and Sharon Brunton - Carla Patterson


Left to right - Martha Wyatt - John Morrison - Joan Wyatt


Left to right - Don - Sharron and John Macdonald - Alvin Hallett


Left to right - Cynthia Elson - Jane Wasielewski  - Peter Wyatt


Bernard Merswolke in the dark glasses, his wife and friend in MISS CANADA TWO


Left to right - Dieter and Ingrid Merswolke - Vanessa Merswolke and boy friend  Mitchell


Left to right (foreground) - Rick Alexander - Joan and Peter Wyatt

Left to right (background by tent) - Ted Hewett - Nancy Barlett - Jim Patterson


Left to right - Judy Alexander - Jane and Harry White


Dave Alexander




July 05th

Bathing Beach

Rick and Andrea


Bruce - the man in black




Selma in front - Elizabeth in the rear


Left to right - Rick - Chris - Bruce - Jamie


Fun at Mark and Tara Alexander's

Mark - Owen - Marlee in the back - Avery


Bob - Dave - Judy



Looking towards Bingham's Bay


Peggy Wyatt on right rear seat


Sarah Kinsey and Marlee


Sarah and Tara


July 07th

Clyde and Judy arrived for the summer


Dinner at Cynthia's

Left to right - Rick - friend of Cynthia's - Mecha - Cynthia - Quinn


July 12th


Bathing Beach

Sarah Clarke and David


Hans Boserup on the tube


Clyde - Chris - Judy S. - Matt - Judy A.


L to R - Martha Wyatt - Sarah Kinsey  - Alesia Alexander - Nao Wyatt





July 15th

A Project

Sawyer in the foreground


July 22nd


July 23rd


July 24th


July 25th

Rick and Hans out for a row

Valerie and Taya


Andrew and Sawyer - Valerie and Taya




Mister, what can I discover next




July 26th

Valerie off to The Mag with the kids


Looks good


July 27th

Two sides are DONE



July 28th


Pirates at the bathing beach (the Trotter's)


July 29th

We have a wasp nest a head


Third side done


July 30th

This is not working, the must be a better way to get this ledge off


July 31st


The moon coming up - leaving Port Carmen Bay


August 01st

Hans on his way home

(Rockwynn Landing - HWY 520)


The Schipper's Party

Barry Dobson and Judy Schipper


Judy Alexander - Sue Merrill and John Richmond


Eric Schipper - Dave Alexander and Andrew Karpiak


Matt Alexander and Cynthia Elson (in the front)

Rear L to R - Stephanie - Kevin - Dave Black - Danny


Pam in black


Barry and Merlyn Dobson - Alesia




L to R - Lily - Kirstie with Taya - Tara


Foods up






Valerie and Taya - Sophie - Kirstie and Lily - Pam


Jimmy Elson at the door with the boys


Laura Shore and Dan Madell (seated right)

Robert Elson in the hat


David Elson and Sarah Clarke


Judy - Stephanie - Kevin - Dave Black - Andrew


L to R - Judy - Sawyer - Valerie - Taya


Barry and Dave Black


Judy - Eric - Mark - Tara


August 02nd


Tara Naftel and Valerie and Taya


Andrew and Sawyer


Dan Madell - centre with megaphone



Food Tent - Judy Schipper in pink


The trophies


Tara - Owen and Mark Alexander


Bob Madell


Judy and Andrew Czernik


L to R - Theo - Judy  - Lily - Kirstie - Aiden Schipper


Mark - Sophie - and Alesia Alexander


Cardboard Boat Races


Dave Alexander


Grant Hewlett - Pam - Kevin


Logan Naftel with the white cross


Alesia - Nick and Beth Quinton


Laura and Dan


Kevin and Pam


Bob and Sarah



Canoe Races




Dave and Harry White



The Lake Erie Steam fishing boat, KING GEORGE


The points table - Stephanie and Aiden Schipper along with Sophie Alexander manning

Note: the Regatta was called off shortly after this photo due to thunder storm


August 04th

All the siding is on


August 05th

The Back Porch


August 06th


The Front Porch


August 08th

Sawyer's Birthday Party


Craft Time

Sarah Bingham (in blue top and green shorts)


Sawyer and David


Taya Karpiak



Rivers Bingham



Cynthia Elson with David Elson


L to R back row - Magnum - Hudson - Rivers - Conner

L to R front row - Leem Rule - Toby Rule - Sawyer Karpiak - Robert Elson - David Elson - Sarah Clarke


L to R standing - Valerie - Angie Naftel - David Rule

L to R sitting rear - Rick Alexander - Delphine (White) Rule - Katie Czernik - Page Czernik

L to R sitting front - Ted Bingham - Chris Naftel


L to R - Robert David in Jimmy Elson - Toby Rule - Hudson Naftel




Rivers and Conner Bingham


Magnum Naftel


August 11th


Arriving for The Bingham's Bay A.G.M.


August 14th

Dinner at Cynthia's

Surprise - Mary Lovett and Dave Alexander




August 15th

Eric Schipper and Family going home


Summer Footware


August 17th

Proud Mother and Grandmother

Clare Dillon - Mary holding Gray Dillon


August 18th

Dinner at Mary's

L to R - Laura Shore - Dan Madell - Mary - Clare - Cynthia - Jack Gibbons - Mrs. Dillon (Tyler's mother)  - Tyler


August 20th

Dinner at Mary's


August 22nd

The Dillon's Going Home



August 25th

Party at Mary's

Sophia and Alma Regis


L to R back row - Cynthia - Clyde - Mike and Carolyn Quinton - Mark Regis - Mary and Jack

Next - Ruthia Regis - Judy

Front - Sophia and Alma Regis 


Jamie Bingham between Mark and Jack


Mark and Ruthia and Judy Alexander


Mary - Dave Alexander - Mike Quinton


Kevin and Clyde


Pam - Carolyn - Judy


L to R back row - Carolyn - Judy - Mike - Kevin - Jack - Jamie - Mary

L to R front row - Dave - Cynthia - Clyde - Pam - Ruthia and Alma - Mark and Sophia


August 29th

Janet and Henry Regis on the way home


August 30th

Bonfire on The Patio

L to R - Cynthia - Bruce - Rick - Hedvig


L to R - Selma - Cynthia - Bruce - Rick - Chris


L to R - Elizabeth Alexander




September 02nd


The proposed location of the Bingham's Bay Monument


Jamie's dock


The Shadow Cabinet


September 05



September 10th

A dragon fly on the boat floor


September 14th



September 17th




October 03rd

Judy - Mac and Geoff MacDonald - Rick Alexander in the Three Sister's Cottage




October 10th

Thanks Giving Dinner at Dave and Judy's

Dave Alexander and sister Gail Madell ascending the stairs



October 20th

Gail Madell's Achievement Award

From the Stephen Leacock Retirement Lodge

Left to Right Rick Alexander - Gail Madell - Bruce Alexander



November 02nd

Rick on his way back to India


November 06th

A Crayfish in the bottom of my boat


November 14th

The first whiff of snow


November 21st

Left to Right - Selma - Elizabeth - Hedvig - Chris Alexander up for the weekend


November 22nd

Selma ready to go home after a wintry weekend




November 28th

Ice starting to form


December 02nd


December 14th






December 24th

No snow