Pictures 2014


February 04th

Jeep hit deer - deer died - Jeep lived



February 16th

The Schipper's


Ice Fishing - Crosier's saw mill in the distance


The Elson's


Shoveled snow from The Three Sister's roof


Chris and Rick's


Jamie's Backyard

The Shack


February 25th

Rough Grose hit window - Grose died

Thank goodness for cardboard



March 21st

Dave and Judy's


April 07th

What ice and snow can do


Out and about



April 21st

Photos by Kathy Baker


April 23rd

Photos by Kathy Baker


April 26th 

Ice Out

Photos by Kathy Baker


April 27th

Bingham's Bay

On the Hydro Cut, looking towards Echo Rock, Bathing beach to the right.


The Shack


The Bingham's



Janet and Henry Regis' weekend

A friend ---- Janet and Henry


May Two - Four

The Karpiak's

Andrew and Sawyer


Valerie and Sawyer

The Hand



The Bruce and Chris Alexander's

Andrea A.

The weekend is over


The Dave Alexander's

By Pam


Gordon Island


Rockwynn Landing


Bingham's Bay



June 08th

Dave Alexander's best friend - Dave Black, author and poet


The result of two weeks of pizza making, under the supervision of Dave Black


June 13th

Two of the Three Sisters - Judy MacDonald and Susan Merrill


Jamie Bingham and Susan Merrill



June 28th

The Karpiak's at the Bathing Beach

Sawyer warming up in the sun


The Ted Bingham's on The Dock


June 30th

The Bingham's, loving that dock


Party at Dave and Judy's

Fires burning

Pam - ready with the mosquito wand


Dave and Bruce


Pam - Nao and Matt Wyatt - Judy


Thumbs up - lets make a bang


Jamie - Kevin - Darryl Chow (Martha Wyatt's husband)


Getting a little bleary eyed


Matt Alexander and Matt Wyatt - a fizzler


Kevin and Pam


July 04th

Judy MacDonald composing on the patio


Cynthia Elson on her dock in The Bay


July 11th

Judy Schipper arriving at the cottage


Judy by the flowers


What a beautiful couple, on their front porch


July 18th


Damsel flies mating


The Varsava's

Janet - Joel - Mick


Zoom - Zoom


Photos by Janet Varsava

Trail by the lake towards the Fink's


Toad on the dock


Red squirrel


Sweet boat


Joel Varsava


Sweet William




Janet on Echo


Joel and Friend


Mic on Echo




Full Moon


Movie Time




The Schipper's

Stephanie's arrival


Stephanie's Birthday Party

Stephanie with Barry and Marilyn Dobson


Marlee - Sarah - Judy - Stephanie - Gail - Bob


Joel - Stephanie - Barry



July 19th

Rock versus Aluminum


July 21st

A day at the Bathing Beach

Matt Wyatt - Bob - Sarah - Marlee


Judy - Dave


Ruthia - Stephanie - Mark


Cynthia Elson - Sophie Alexander - Alma Regis - Christine Elson and Audrey McMachon


Cynthia - Mark - Sophia Regis - Ruthia


Matt Wyatt - Judy - Dave


Bob Madell driving - Michael (Kinsey) - Nao Wyatt (back to camera) - Hana Wyatt (just visible)

Meagan Kinsey - Marlee Madell  - Sarah Kinsey - Matt Wyatt on bow


July 23rd

The Shadow Cabinet



July 25th

Hans' Party

The Venue


Schipper's arrive


It is a party


The Boat


Madell's arrive


Hans - Judy and Stephanie Schipper


Dan and Bob Madell


Stephanie - Dan - Hans - Clyde - Bob - Judy - Gail  - Cynthia


Here comes the Dave and Judy Alexander's


Judy Alexander and Sophie Alexander's, entrance


In the smoke


Foods on


Mark Alexander - Family and Friends boating by


Dave Alexander - Bob Madell


The party is over




July 29th

Elson's at the Schipper's

Robert Elson


Jimmy and Robert Elson


Clyde - Robert - Sarah Elson - Stephanie


Gama Elson and David Elson


July 30th

Hans on his way home

Rockwynn Landing


Taxi ride is here


Civic Holiday Weekend

August 01st

Jamie Bingham


 The Pinewood


Cecebe Waterways Regatta

Long Distance Canoe Race

Race start - The Baker Cottage at the mouth of the river

Finish - Port Carmen Marina


Stephanie Schipper and Jamie Bingham - finished first in the 55 and over age group


Stephanie Schipper's Big Birthday Party


Top Row - left to right

Barry Dobson - Jamie Bingham - John Richmond - Andrew Karpiak Sue Merrill - Sawyer Karpiak - Valerie Karpiak - Clyde Schipper -Tara Alexander - Mark Alexander

Dan Madell - Gail Madell- Mat Alexander - Judy Alexander - Dave Alexander - Bruce Alexander - Andrea Alexander - Theo Schipper

Next Row - down

Alesia Alexander - Stephanie Schipper - Kevin Hellyer - Pam Hellyer

Next Row - down

Sophie Alexander - Avery Alexander - Nick Alexander (hands in face) - Owen Alexander - Aiden Schipper - Jimmy Elson - David Elson (on lap) Sarah Clarke - Judy Schipper

Next Row - down

Sarah Bingham - Kristie Schipper

Bottom Row

Ted Bingham - Rivers Bingham - Connor Bingham - Robert Elson - Eric Schipper with Lily Schipper on lap - Cynthia Elson


Is that watermelon?


Play in the screened in porch


August 02nd

Regatta Day Two

Foot Races

Theo Schipper (centre)


Valerie (Bingham) Karpiak (third from left), Jody Naftel, Angee Naftel, Laura Moonie


Valerie won the race


Left to right Chris Naftel, Drew Czernik, a White, Ted Bingham


a White wins


Owen Alexander over the line



Theo, Judy, Dave and Stephanie


Dan Madell, Sarah kinsey, Jennifer Quinton and daughter Gracey


Winners - Rivers and Connor Bingham


Left to right-Bruce Alexander, Kathy Baker, Mark Alexander, Gail Madell


Gail, Judy Alexander, Kathy, Susan Hewlett


Grant Hewlett, Bruce


Left to right-Jimmy Elson, Cynthia Elson, Sarah Clarke, Robbie Elson (in glasses)

Davie Elson (carried) 


Logan Naftel, Bruce, a Wyatt, Peter Wyatt


Matt Alexander, Bruce, Dave Kilmer


Left to right - Valerie, Sawyer, Andrew Karpiak, Stephanie Schipper


Matt Wyatt, Dave Kilmer, Sue Sherlock, Matt Alexander



Canoe Races

Race 1



Race 2


Race 3


Race 4


Race 5




Race 6


Race 7


Race 8


Race 9


Race 10


Race 11

Sandra (Baker) White


Race 12

Left to right - Jamie Bingham - Kathy Baker - Dave Alexander


Jamie Bingham



Race 13

Valerie Karpiak with Kathy Baker in front



Race 14

Bob Madell - Chris Naftel in front


Ted Bingham


Cardboard Boat Races


Sandra White and Jeff Baker


Norm Cameron (right) above



Log Rolling

Ted Bingham (left) - Chris Naftel


Matt Alexander (left) - Mark Alexander


Ted Bingham - Dave Kilmer


Dan Madell in the water


Bob Madell (right)


Mark Alexander (right)


Ted Bingham (left)


Ted Bingham (left)


Egg Toss

Katy Czernik


Bob Madell


Darryl Chow


Dave Alexander




Left to right - Norm Cameron President - Carolyn Quinton Regatta Chair - Darin Hoar Treasure


Open Long Distance Canoe - Bob (left) and Dan Madell


Old Boys Trophy 55 and over - Long Distance Canoe - Stephanie Schipper (left) and Jamie Bingham


Sailing Race - winners not present


Short Distance Canoe - Men - Jamie Bingham


The Bingham's Bay Trophy - Short Distance Canoe - Women - Sandra White


Triathlon - Youngest Team


Triathlon - Open - Left to Right - Sam Wyatt, Bob Madell, Dave Kilmer, Dan Madell


Triathlon Over 55 - Left to Right - Logan Naftel, Jamie Bingham, Kathy Baker, John McDonald



Long Distance Swim - Male


Shoe Kick - All the winners - (Matt Alexander in the Down Town Magnetawan tee shirt)


Cardboard Boat Race under 17


Cardboard Boat race over 18 - Sandra White and Jeff Baker


Log Rolling Over all winners - Ashley Sankey (female)


Egg Toss - There was a tie for first place

Left to Right Sarah Kinsey, Brent Hewlett, Dave Alexander, Dave Kilmer


Over All Points under 55 - Female - Male


Over All Points - Male 55 and over


Over All Points - Female 55 and over


Most Senior Person


Furthest Away - from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

To see the names of all the 2014 winners go to


August 07th

Mecha Regis, Jamie Bingham, Jonas Kipokola (Mecha's father)


Quinn Regis and Jamie



August 09th

The Schipper's

Aiden and Eric


Kristie and Lily





Tyler Dillon working on his new boat


Cynthia, Mary, Gail, in front of the A's boat house


Bathing Beach

Bob, Marlee and Sarah


The Kilmer's leaving


Matt and The Speedster


Paddle boarder passing by


Left to Right - Alesia, friend, Sophie, Nick


The Alexander's leaving


August 11th

Party at Mary and Jack's

Left to right - Mary, Mick, Tyler, Clare, Jack, Janet and Elly the dog



Left to Right - Gail, Mick, Janet, Dan


August 14th

Tyler testing out his handy work


Clare and Mary




August 17th

William MacDonald and Uncle Geoff MacDonald on The Three Sister's Porch




 Geoff Macdonald


August 18th

Jamie,  Judy and Mack MacDonald in the Pinewood, headed for Magnetawan


August 20th

Jamie and Aiden at the Schipper's


August 26th

Moose, on the north east side of Highway #520 going towards Magnetawan, across from R. C. Weidmark Services


Jamie Bingham - at Port Carmen


Clyde and Judy Schipper


August 27th

Clyde and Judy leaving for home with Cynthia Elson


August 28th

A Tree across the path (by the shack) towards Cynthia's


The Dave Alexander's on the trail towards Fink's


Dan Merrill and Family

L to R - ? - Melissa, Ben, Danny, Emily Merrill - ? - Linda and Bruce, Melissa's parents


The smoke goes up the chimney just the same


September 05th

Boat ride to The Mag

Grant Hewlett (left) - John Richmond (right)


Sue Merrill (left) - Sue Hewlett (right)






September 21st

North East wind, off the east side of the boat house


Looking through the trees at the boat house


View from the Alexander's boat house, looking toward Rockwynn Landing


New book cases, Dave's handy work


September 23rd Summers Over

Going home to the big city


            Dave and Nancy Baldock and Cynthia



October 04th

Rob and Jimmy going home after closing up


Schipper's Sunset Point


Bingham's Bay


Echo Rock -  Port Carmen Bay - Watson Island


The German Shore


Up from the Lake, damp after a rain




October 10th

Taken from The Three Sister's cottage


Thanks Giving Weekend

October 11th

The Alexander's

Left to Right - Sophie, Owen, Nick, Matt (with the hat) Elizabeth and Avery

Pam Alexander in the rear

Some buddies Birthday



Looking from Rockwynn Landing South East, towards the mouth of the river on the far left


Judy MacDonald and Jamie removing The Three Sisters Pole Dock


Echo Rock


Thanks Giving Dinner at Judy and Dave's

Left to Right around the table - Matt, Pam, Alesia, Nick, Tara's mom, Gloria, Mark, Kevin with Avery




Working off the Dinner


Left to Right - Judy, Owen (front), Dave, Avery, Tara, Gloria, Alesia, Mark (behind), Pam, Kevin, Matt (front w/glasses)

Nick and Sophie on table




October 13th

Left to Right - Bruce, Inger Boserup (Hedvig's, mom), Hedvig, Selma, Elizabeth, Chris, Andrea




October 14th

The MacDonald's going Home

Mac, Judy, Janet




November 01st

Port Carmen Marina


Hydro Cut on Echo Rock


Looking from Port Carmen Bay, Watson Island Left - Echo Rock - Right


The Schipper's


In Green Bay looking at The Marshall's Island (left), The Schipper's Island (right)


The Mooney's Point (right), Tony White's Point, (left)


Maijac Cottages & Marine (in Port Carmen Bay), the big white area, on the left


Looking North East, at the tip of Watson Island, with Tony White's point, on the right


Gail Madell's

Looking East, between Watson Island (left) small island


Judy and Dave's


Echo Rock, on the way to the Bay


The Point


The German Shore


November 19th




November 22nd

Looking East, beside Jamie's front porch


The Alexander's


The Three Sister's


Looking at Gordon Island, from the boat house


November 24th

Snow load on The Alexander's Roofs


December 17th



Live animal trap under Mark and Tara Alexander's cottage - for a porcupine

Porky tracks


The Point