Pictures 2013



The Schipper's in the Bay



The Lake from The Three Sisters



The Three Sisters




 Dave and Judy's









Chris and Rick's



The Schipper's in Green Bay



From the lake





Path to the bathing beach

Path to the bathing beach



The Elson's



Chris and Rick's

Jamie's backyard



The bathing beach



The Three Sister's Docks



The docks in the bay

Jamie's dock ramp


The ice off Chris and Rick's dock



Views from Echo Rock

Deer scat



Can you see the caterpillar?



Mark and Tara Alexander's place to the left


Ravens flying over the ice



Quinton's - red roof - Naftel's green roof



In the Bay



Views from Chris Rick's boat house




Can you see the deer in the bush, behind Jamie's?



Ice break up

Pictures from Echo Rock






Dave and Judy's




A female Northern Flicker



A close call with a tree at Dave and Judy's



The hydro cut behind Dave A's and Gail's. The Bell telephone line is on the ground.

The Bell line is to the left of the Rhino.




Dock salvage



  Rick Alexander and Jamie Bingham at Port Carmen



Andrew and Val



The new Magnetawan Grill and Grocery



The Magnetawan Snack Bar



David Alexander on his Gator



The Three Sister's dock



At the beach

Matt and Rick Alexander




Andrew Karpiak - Nick, Sophie, Matt, Alesia Alexander - Valerie Karpiak





Judy and Clyde Schipper's


 Rick Alexander and Hans Boserup



Danny Madell - Mac Macdonald - Clyde Schipper - Hans Boserup - Jamie Bingham



  Gail Madell - Judy Macdonald - Cynthia Elson - Judy Schipper




Danny - Mac Macdonald  



Bingham's Bay

Annual Meeting

at The Three Sisters



Sun Set


Binghams' Bay


Nap time for Rivers Bingham on Grandpas B's lap



Ruthia - Alma - Sophia




Boat Ride



Elle Mary's dog - Jamie




Mary's Lovett's


Number One

Clare Gibbons - Tyler Dillon - Cynthia



Danny Madell - Stephanie Schipper (birthday gift)





Mary Lovett's Party

Number Two

The arrivals


Dave Alexander - Jack Gibbons - Nadia Gibbons



Alesia and Matt Alexander



 Nick Alexander ringing the bell



Cecebe Regatta held in the Mag

Time to race

Nick - Rivers - Connor - Martha (Wyatt) Chow and son Wyatt in green



Rick and Jamie battling - behind - Logan Naftel - Peter Wyatt - Norm Carmen - Tom Mooney



The youngsters race - R to L - Drew Czernik - Chris Naftel - Ted Bingham



Log Rolling

Danny - Matt - Dave Sankie



Janet and Joel Varsava




Jimmy and Robert Elson



Alesia Alexander - Donna Cameron - Sue Kilmer





The Card Board Boat Race


The Elson's



Judy Alexander



Kevin Hellyer - Bonnie Mooney - Pam Hellyer




Gail Madell



Bonnie Mooney - Judy Alexander



Gail - Andrew - Bob with Marlee (background) - Sarah - Alesia - Nick (foreground)  


Andrew Madell



Sarah Bingham and the kids 







Rick - Nancy (White) Mc Coy



Sarah - Conner - Ted  Bingham - Chris - Angie - Magnum - Jody Naftel





Back at the Bay

Selma - Chris - Rick - Elizabeth Alexander



Rick - Stephanie - Danny





Hans' boat the Pinewood



Gail's Rainbow


The Chapel Committee


John - Grant and Sue Hewlett - Jamie in front of The Magnetawan Grill and Grocery



The Trotter's Pirate Ship

The Horrible Haddock



Bruce Alexander, rowing the restored skiff


Chris swimming




Rick - Selma - Chris - Hedvig Alexander





A different boat




September 21st

Rick on his way to higher education



September 30th

East Shore



South Shore


The Bay



October 08th

Bald Eagle in Bingham's Bay



A man kitchen



Thanks Giving Weekend

Dave and Judy's

L to R - Friend - Sophie - Pam - Nick - Alesia Alexander and Snoop Dog



Gail and Matt Alexander



The Bruce Alexander's going home

Bruce - Andrea - Chris and Elizabeth - Chris' friends - Selma



October 21st

The First Snow



October 24th



November 2nd

Trees down by the Shack



November 28th

Winter Strikes