Pictures 2012



Breaking trail in Mag One (BR-180) groomer on the 711 Magnetawan Ridge Runner's

snowmobile trail to Sprucedale


Foxtrot. A 1989 Arctic Cat Jag AFS


Gas station in Sprucedale, off the Seguin Trail C103D



Trail Patrol - Garry Weller and Jamie Bingham at the 704 - C103D


Echo Rock


Val and Andrew on the ice in front of the Bingham's Point



Hydro pole going in

Hydro Putting a pole in at the turn around on Wind Rose Lane


  Tree on Schipper's



The ice going out March 24th


Echo Rock looking toward Bingham's Bay


Echo Rock looking toward Port Carmen Bay on the left


Looking from Gail's toward Port Carmen Bay


Looking from The Alexander's boat house towards the southwest shore


The Magnetawan River coming into Lake Cecebe


Daffodils on the side of Paul Fink's road


Ice Out

Jeff and Kathy Baker with the first boat on the lake


Docks in The Bay


From Dave and Judy's


View From Echo Rock


From the A's boat house

 Looking toward Watson Island


A tree coming in




A deer in the lake that was tangled in the tree that floated in


A gull on the ice


The deer that was in the lake - moved it to the small island off Dave's


May 24 weekend

Gail - Chris - Bruce


Jamie saying no way to a swim


Chris in for a swim   




Sofia and Ruthia Regis


Mark Regis


Michael Regis


Jamie and Mary


  Alma Regis



On the trail, Rivers and Hudson Naftel


The Trotter's Pirate Ship - The Horrible Haddock


Quinn and Mecha Regis on a Rhino ride




Hydro One on the back trail, brushing the hydro line


Cindy and Jamie on Cynthia's front porch


Clare Gibbons and boy friend Tyler Dillon


At the Bathing Beach

Will - Katie - Sarah - Connor - Ted - Rivers - Andrew Haust

Chris - Angie - Hudson - Magnum Naftel - Drew and Page Czernick,

Tara Naftel


The Ted Bingham's

Connor and Jamie


Connor sitting on the dock at Port Carmen


Rivers - Sarah - Connor


Valerie and Rivers


No sleep Ted





Elizabeth Alexander's Baptism


At the church

Chris - The Minister - Elizabeth and Hedvig Christina


Hedvig's mom Inger and Elizabeth


The Minister - Inger - Elizabeth - Chris


The After Party on the patio

Sarah - Marley - Andrea


Hedvig - Sarah and Marley


Chris's cousin Phil Digby


Chris's Uncle


Robert - Christine and Hedvig


Inger - Chris's Aunt - Pam - Kevin - Valerie


Pam and Kevin 


Clyde and Judy


Selma - Bruce - Andrea - Mr. and Mrs. Digby (Chris's mother's sister)



Elizabeth Alexander


Sophie - Marlee - Nick


Gail - Andrea - Clyde


Sarah - Judy - Chris - Bob - Hedvig - Robert


Chris and Matt


Selma Alexander and Alesia


The Bob Madell's


The Chris Alexander's


Christine and Robert in step




Andrea and Selma


Bruce on the rock off the point

Bruce - triumphant





  Gail and Mary at Regatta


The New Bingham's Bay Sign


The happy parents Sarah and Jimmy


 The new Robert Elson with aunt Christine


 Bye to Gail 


Clyde and Judy's Party



Clyde's sister Betsy Schipper - Jamie - Jack


Elizabeth and Randy Dobson


Cynthia and Gail



Clyde and Judy's 50th and Judy's 70th Surprise Party

The card


The Birthday card



Judy's painting by Ruthia Regis


Pam - Kevin's sister Corinna


Kevin - mother Gloria and father Howard Weir


The Birthday girl



 Pizza Dinner at the Matt and Alesia Alexander's

left to right

Jamie - Dan - Alesia - Matt - Mike Regis - Jack - Cindy - Ed and his wife friends of Mary - little Nick - Sophie - Mary - Ellie, Iden - Iden's sister, Sophia is absent 


Jamie - Jack - Elle


Clyde and Judy on their way home to California



Danny Merrill's Family


Melissa and Danny


Danny's father in law Bruce - Mary - Emily - Ben  - Melissa


  Jack and next to him Danny's mother in law Linda 





Views of the lake

Low water


Photos from the Three Sister's porch

Looking towards the mouth of the river


Towards the point


The eastern shore


Paul Fink's side of the lake



Thanks Giving Weekend


Chris Alexander and Selma


The red maple on the point


The mouth of the river on the right


The Bay


Passing The Three Sister's


The Three Sister's

Judy and Mac closing up


Janet Varsava



Mark and Tara Alexander's place


  Thanks Giving Dinner at Dave and Judy Alexander's

Gail is a winner!


The Bruce Alexander family on their way home


At Rockwynn Landing



The docks in the bay - first snow