Pictures 2011



Winter time



Fresh snow on the sleds

A head on the hydro pole


The back yard

Chris and Rick's 

The Shack

A female Pileated woodpecker out back

Looking down the hill at the back of Dave and Judy's

Side view of Dave and Judy's

Sled tracks in front of Echo Rock

Ice on Echo Rock

Looking at Watson Island from in front of Dave and Judy's

Looking towards Gail's from the lake

Looking towards Bingham's Bay from Gail's


Looking towards Bingham's Bay from The White's point, Echo Rock on the right

Looking towards Bingham's Bay from Port Carmen Bay

Ice hut on the east side of the lake, with a driveway

The Rogers Cell tower as a back drop




The Alexander's patio

The Elson's

Looking east threw the trees



Dave and Judy's dock

Chris & Rick's

The Three Sister's Dock



The Schipper's

The Bingham's on the move



The Elson's

Chris and Rick's


The White's point where the mouse was floating

The mouse with no head. The head was over by Dave's dock



Bingham's point

The Three Sister's




Bruce Alexander's Mentor Weekend

The Shadow Cabinet



Nadia and Clare Gibbons

Bob and Gail Madell in The Rainbow

Bob Madell


Bingham's Bay from the air July 01st

 Mark Alexander and Prime Minister Harper



At The Bruce Alexander's

Andrea and Bruce Alexander

Bob Madell 

     Gail Madell


At The Elson's

The Hydro - Tree Fire

Sarah-Rivers-Jamie-Ted Bingham

 Judy Schipper-Gail Madell-Bob Madell-Matt Alexander 

Christine Elson


Rivers - Sarah Kinsey - Kevin Hellyer - Pam - Dave

Avery Alexander-Rivers-Dave Alexander-Sarah   

 Cindy's dock


Camp Supper at Judy and Clyde Schipper's

Judy Alexander


Randy and Elizabeth Dobson-Jimmy Elson

Sarah and Cindy Elson

Tara - Gail - Avery - Sue Merrill's John Richmond

Watching the air show

Owen Alexander 


Theo and Eric Schipper

Judy A - Sophie - Clyde

Judy-Kirstie and Theo Schipper

Gail - Pam - Dan - Kevin - Sarah Clark - Andrew - Sarah Bingham's brother Tim Lambert

Clyde - John - Sue - Dave - Judy - Mark - Tara - Jimmy

Lift off

Aden Schipper - Judy -  Kevin - Sarah and Rivers - Sophie        


The Beach

Ted and Rivers

Derrick - Selma - Rivers - Sarah - Valerie - Ted


The fire in Magnetawan July 31st


Regatta Weekend

The Long Distance Canoe Race

 The start at Kathy Baker's

They are off

Valerie and Vanessa Merswolke 

Vanessa and Valerie passing the Kline's

 Vanessa's, Brice in black -Valerie's, Andrew, background

Tim Lambert in green - Andrew Haust Friend of the White's, foreground

Passing by Mark and Tara Alexander's

Half way

Passing Bingham's Bay

Drew Czernik and Ted passing by Echo Rock

Port Carmen Bay

Crossing the channel


The finish at Port Carmen

Dan and Bob

The Mc Tavish's win  - The Marina is on the right


The Triathalon

The end of the run the start of the Canoe at the Cameron's on Chapman Drive

Ted and Drew starting

Grew and Ted finishing

The start of the swim - Drew  - Ted and Katie

The swims finish at Rockwynn Landing


The events in Magnetawan

Log Rolling

Log rolling officials area

Bob Madell and Ken Mihan

Bob and Dave Sankie

Nick Quinton and Ted Bingham

Nick Quinton and Brent Hewlett

Ted doing the leap to victory

Ted and Rivers

Matt and Sophie Alexander

Sarah - Rivers - Ted - Tim Lambert - Valerie - Jodie Naftel - Katie Czernik - Elizabeth White 


The Annual John Alexander Hockey Tournament

    The teams group shot



View from The Alexander boat house


 Mecha Regis's first canoe ride

Gail - Cynthia - Bruce - Mary - Mecha - Quinn - Sarah - Bob

In the background friends of Mecha and Quinn 


The Summers End

 John and Sue


Clyde and Judy



Chris Alexander' Book Launch

at Osgood Hall Toronto, Ontario


Pam and Bruce

Cindy and Gail

 Jack and Mary   




Bingham Dock

Cindy - Jamie - Mary at Mary's in Toronto

 Echo Rock  



The Alexander's

Jamie's boat

Looking towards Watson Island

From the Alexander Boat House looking south

 The Sleds    


Convocation Queens University

Bruce Alexander's LLD Celebration November 16

Bruce, Andrea, Chris



A Rough Grouse


Kim Madell and Prime Minister Harper at the World Hockey Tournament in Edmonton Alberta