Pictures 2010



James Bingham - Eugene Thompson - Bob Weaver with the Groomer




Bingham's Bay

The Three Sister's



The Shack



The Rink



The Elson's



The Alexander's



The Bingham's



Echo Rock


Dave and Judy going home






The Schipper's



Valerie and Andrew

 on the ice

 with their car

 February 20th

Going by Gordon Island towards the Rockwynn Landing







March 24th

Pictures from Echo Rock

North East

Quinton's red roof Naftel's green roof



Looking toward Rockwynn Landing

 Red roofed, cottage is to the right of Crozier's Mill



Looking South West

 Look at the mouth of The Magnetawan River, entering Lake Cecebe



The back side of Echo Rock

 Facing Bingham's Bay



Looking North

Watson Island, right, looking at the Mooney's point, white speck



The White's point by the open water, left



Looking towards Port Carmen Bay


Looking North West

Looking down The Magnetawan River towards Magnetawan


Looking South

The Bingham's point



The boat houses




The back yard


 March 31st

The ice going out



The ice out March 31st



The boat in the water, April 14th


May 24th

Ted swimming



Sarah and Rivers swimming


Trip up Echo Rock



June 15th

  Dave's New Dock




The Elson's New  Dock






The C.E. Bennett Honey Barge



Views From Echo Rock


 Left to Right - Ted - Mark Regis - Sophia Regis - Tim Lambert and Sarah 




Sarah and Mike Regis




Mike Regis




 Mark and Sophia Regis



Bernard's boat house


Jamie's Un-Birthday at The Schipper's

Left to Right -Bruce - Marlin Dobson - Cynthia - Andrea



Bruce and Rivers



Sarah, Rivers and Cindy






Clyde -  Andrea Alexander and Jamie



Clyde and Cindy


The Bathing Beach

Mark Alexander holding Avery  - Sue Kilmer



Mike Regis - Sophia Regis and Dad Mark with camera



Dave's new dock



The Elson's new dock



Ted and Rivers



Dave and Darek Kilmer



Colby the dog



Left to Right - Dave - Darek - Rivers - Ted - Tim Lambert



Avery Alexander



Tara Alexander and Avery





Jamie's New Dock 2003 to 2010




Rivers at the Lake







Views of the Lake





Clyde and Judy Schipper's Party

                                  Christen Elson - Sarah Kinsey



Hedvig and Selma



Bob Madell - Randy Dobson





Jimmy Elson and Sarah Clark's

 Post Wedding Party

Pig roasting





Mary Lovett and Jack Gibbon's






Jamie in the Laser






Aunt Ruth's Bingham-Alexander's

Memorial Party

Nic Alexander


Cecebe Regatta



Egg Toss




Valerie and Pam Alexander







Quinn and Mecha's Wedding

Mecha's Father and Mecha



Quinn and Janet



Henry and Quinn



Mecha's sister and Mom







Thanks Giving at Jamie's

Left to Right - Judy A. - Valerie B. - Cynthia E. - Janet Varsava -  Judy MacDonald





The Tree That Was



The Alexander's Roof



The Tree Clean Up

Left to Right - Valerie- Jamie - Dave- -Rick - Jim - Sarah - Bruce - Andrew - Hedvig



Left to Right - Jamie - Judy - Dave - Rick - Jimmy - Sarah - Bruce - Chris - Andrew