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    Matt and Alesia Alexander are the proud parents of Baby girl Sophie Jones Alexander, born May 16.

   Clyde and Judy Schipper are coming up July 13, 2006.




-- John Elson is battling cancer, and is taking treatment at Sunny Brook Hospital in Toronto.



Update on John Elson,  

Last Fri. when john went for his Chemo, he was told that the recent CTscan showed a reduction in the cancer cells in his abdomen. This is the first bit of good news we have had since Feb!
John has 1 more chemo mid July along with weekly blood transfusions. Then more tests will follow to see if the cancer has been eradicated.....
We have a ways to go yet....
Hope you had a good weekend. We certainly missed being there!
Mark Langford is to start work today on our gables!!! At least we can feel connected to he cottage this way.
Take care,


Dear Mariana, July 17th


Thanks for the prayer-it all helps!

John is at the hospital this morning for a blood transfusion-# 19 in all and he has a chemo treatment on Fri.. the 21st. We continue to hope that the cancer is being attacked in his bone marrow and blood stream.....our best to
and Jamie,



John Elson September 1st

To All,
Sorry to toot my own horn this way, but the Devil makes me do it. Good news and bad news to pass on......The good: chemo is done, and the doctors seem pleased. They flirted with the word "remission". We shall see....The bad: hair on head is starting to grow back, so no longer can I merely swipe a damp washcloth over my scalp to wash it. Also I may have to start shaving again. What a drag.
Thank you all for your good wishes these last few months. They have made a big difference to me.
John Elson




Wedding --------  June 02nd

Ruthia Pac and Mark Regis, son of Janet McRae and Henry Regis, were married June 02

at St. Paul's Bloor Street Anglican Church.



John Stuart Alexander Memorial Hockey Day

hi gang,
just wanted to let you know a John Stuart Alexander memorial hockey day has been planned for Aug. 6th/07 at Burk's Falls arena.  (Monday of the long weekend)  11am-1pm.  if you're interested, be there early.
Dave Alexander is graciously having team jersey's made up for this occasion and future JSA challenge cups.  thank you Dave!
please bring skates, sticks and any gear you wish to wear.
please pass this along to the Cecebe people or close friend's of john's who I've missed on this email.  I don't have them all.  thank you.
...sticks down and heads up!....matt



Chris Alexander




John Elson

Cindy Elson wrote on April 09th

John is fighting for his life right now in the ICU at Sunnybrook Hospital. He has picked up a very serious infection which is attacking his blood. He also has pneumonia. Jim and Sarah are staying with me at the moment and expect Christine home from Berlin tonight.  We are rallying the troops......Every good though helps!




Ted and Sarah Bingham are expecting their first child in early December 2009.

Christopher Alexander



Betty Fulton  December 13th

Greetings all:
As you know Mom has struggled with dementia for several years.  She broke her arm this fall and it has been a downward spiral since. She stopped walking after the fall and has been in a wheel chair since then. She is not able hold a cup or feed herself. Over the last few weeks she has had trouble swallowing and tends to choke often. She has grown thin and weak and now requires 24 hour nursing care. She was admitted to Lakeview hospital this weekend because she was so dehydrated. On Monday,  she  will be moved to a nursing home for palliative and hospice care.  This place is in Stillwater,  just a few blocks from April and Roger's house. She knows me and we still communicate.  .  She is peaceful and not in any pain.  The doctor, Chuck Bransford, said he believes that this is a normal course of dementia and due to her inability to swallow, he  does not believe that she has very long to live.  She is 93 and has been very healthy except for dementia.     I will try to keep all posted. .
Even though it has been hard for her to remember the us since her dementia set in,  we do remember.  And I am sure you all know how much she loved her children, her grandchildren, and her nieces and nephews, and her many cousins in Canada.  .She cherished friends, her church and her family.   She tried to make time, driving great distances to see all of us, and letting us know how important we were to her.  I hope all of you will remember her with loving fondness for the love she has showered on us.
Love to all,

Mac MacDonald ---- a 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics - Torch Bearer.



News from Rick-ji in India


Hey James-ji,

Happy birthday Bud!!!! I have been thinking about you a lot lately and 
wondering how you are doing. Anyway best wishes for your next year, no 
59. I have a feeling it is going to be greeeeaaaaaaat! and well it 
should be. I hear you are a grandpa. You old fart you. Well done!!

I have been hearing that you have been moving around a bit helping Cin 
and Dave and Ted and probably many others out. Sounds like an ideal 
situation for you. I just love the way things work out. 

So let me know how you are doing. How is the sledding and life at the 

As for me all is well. I have settled in pretty well. There is some 
adjustment to be made that is for sure. Not a lot of diversions and 
distraction. For the few weeks before New Years I worked on getting a 
new room fixed up and it came together pretty well. Very comfortable 
and much warmer than my last room and brighter and I put in a small 
kitchenette with gas and electric elements just in case one doesn't work 
. So now I am settled. In fact I am eating fresh popcorn as I write. 
I will attach a few photos to give you an idea what it is like. The 
first is from my balcony. The 2nd looking back at our building. My room 
is the top right one in the 2nd tier ie the where the roof goes up a 
story. The third is looking to the neighboring village to the east. 
Apparently there will be a ski resort developed on the other side some 
day soon. Since there aren't any roads where we are I don't think it is 
likely to happen here. Also not much snow although they say it will 
come and come hard in a week. The weather is very, very predictable 
here. Almost every day it is sunny and warm enough to eat outside and 
every night it gets down to about freezing. Hardly any wind, only the 
slightest breeze. 

That's all for now James. Just wanted to say hi and happy birthday and 
that I miss you and am looking forward to seeing you in the summer. 
Ciao amigo mio,
Barbara Bingham's Daughter 
Heather Armstrong 
A Budding Author 
January 31st

Hello Everyone,

Emily L’Oiseau and Heather Armstrong, two of our writers, have been chosen to be on a panel for the Halifax version of CBC Radio’s YOUNG CANADA READS in March.  Five readers were chosen between the ages of 12-15.  Eileen McInnis, a producer with CBC Radio Halifax, had called me to ask for a list potential panelists from the Miz Biz Books writers.  This is a very unique and exciting opportunity!

The five young readers will read 5 books from now until the end of February.  One book will be of their choice – Canadian authors, of  course.  The readers will talk about their book, defend their book and discuss the other readers’ book choices – on air.

Congratulations and good luck to Heather and Emily!


Carolyn Hockley

Miz Biz Books

13 Carisbrooke Lane, Cole Harbour, NS

(902) 433-0532  Cell: (902) 452-3310



The Winter Olympics 2010

A Note From Bruce Alexander

Palmer Taylor is the Olympian, who is my cousin Bob Alexander's granddaughter.
At 17 she may be the youngest on the team. She is a snowboarder who's specialty is the  half pipe. 
Here is a link
to more about her.

Bruce Alexander and Olympian Jasey-Jay Anderson Snow Boarder:

Salome 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

 Good news from Marjorie Williams

Marjorie writes:
"Mom is settled and getting better. Her nursing home seems to be 
on top of her condition...
They are taking good care of her".
"She is closer to us, in fact, just a few blocks from Roger and April 
(and grandson Robert) in Stillwater".

Summer is coming...

Mac and Judy MacDonald's 50th Wedding Anniversary



Hedvig Alexander



Mark Regis' - Graduation