Friends of Binghams Bay

Fran Bentton's Birthday

May 16, 2009

Jamie Bingham - Marianna Grinblat - Fran Bentton




Kathy Baker's 70th

May 17, 2009

Karla Patterson - Dianne Weaver - Kathy Baker


Marie Cameron - Bob Weaver


Denise Sankey - Stacy Hewlett


Pat Laidlaw - Shirley Hallett


Alvin Hallett - Jamie Bingham - Larry Laidlaw


The Morrison Triplets


Right to Left -  Marianna Grinblat - Kathy Baker      


Dan Madell  - centre


Brenda Naftel    Mary Colquhoun


Faces left to right - Neil Mihan - Jen Hewlett  Donna Cameron (red coat) - Stacy Hewlett - Rick Alexander


Right to Left - Myrna Hoar - Dave Sankey


Logan Naftel


Mike Quinton


Muffin and Eugene Thompson


Kathy - Dave Alexander - Ted White


Jeff Baker - Barbara Morrison






Susan Hewlett's Birthday Party

August 2009

Dave Kilmer - Grant Hewlett with cup - Stacey Hewlett - Jen Hewlett - John Morrison

Norm Cameron - Kathy White - Ewen Cameron - Marie Cameron

Judy Alexander - Bob Madell - Sophie - Alesia Alexander

Danny Madell - Susan Hewlett (hidden by) Ted White - Bev Cameron - Dave Alexander

Dave Sankie with the cake


Alesia Alexander- Jack Gibbons - Clare Gibbons Dillon - Mary Lovett


a day old Nick Alexander


Dave Kilmer


Cynthia Elson - Ted White - Susan Hewlett - Dave Alexander

Carolyn Quinton with Camera